From Death to Life: The New Creation

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. 1 John 4:18

This book is about coming to grips with the God of Life who absolutely loves us and is totally committed to our freedom. It is about resurrection, both in this life and in the one to come.

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About the Author

Randy Meulman

Randy Meulman was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Shortly after graduating from high school, he joined the Marine Corps, where he reached the rank of sergeant during fourteen months of duty in Vietnam. When he was discharged, Randy moved to Fort Worth, Texas, where he became a police officer while working his way through college. After graduating from North Texas State University, he did postgraduate work at Dallas Theological Seminary and was involved with a campus ministry. For more than 30 years Randy owned his own business, and he is an avid fisherman. He is the author of three other books: The Fires of Justice, The Quest for Glory, and Further along the Quest for Glory. He has four grown children, and he still lives in Texas.

The achievements and the particulars surrounding a person's life do not necessarily reveal who the person really is. For example, Randy values courage above everything else, but that does not necessarily make him courageous. There is no list of credentials that could qualify Randy to write this book. When Jesus walked this earth, he loved Peter, who was one of his disciples, but Peter seldom, if ever, got anything right. Yet on the day of Pentecost, Peter went from being an inarticulate, bubble-brained fisherman to a polished orator in the blink of an eye. As a writer, Randy would love to take credit for this work, but the truth of the matter is, the Holy Spirit inspired the writing of this book.


Most of us associate success with not failing or stumbling or making mistakes.


Randy confesses that most of the growth in his life has not come through his successful endeavors but, rather, through his failures. Through his weakness, he has learned to trust the Lord. While attempting to be open to all that God has in store for him, he has not found a path of continual success but one of multiple failures. With each failure, he has experienced growth, and he also discovered that resurrection to the new comes only through death of the old.

What it's About

Abundant Life

This book is about coming to grips with the God of Life who absolutely loves us and is totally committed to our freedom. It is about resurrection, both in this life and in the one to come.


There are literally millions of Christians who do not know the freedom they have in Christ. Many people are enslaved to an angry monster god who keeps them in bondage out of fear. Living in fear is a form of death. There is something very wrong about death. Physical death is repulsive to look upon, and we avert our gaze from it. Spiritual death is equally damning, because it kills life and liveliness.

Renewed Daily

The apostle Paul wrote in one of his letters, "So we do not lose heart. Though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed every day. For this slight momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of Glory beyond all comparison." This glory is about true life. This glory is about the joy and healing found in love. This glory is connected only to God and is ours to discover in the New Creation.

Why I Wrote it

Wrestling with Passion

Many years ago, a good friend said to me, "Randy, I believe you will have to wrestle with passion all of your life." Looking back over the years, I can see that he was right. I have been a driven man in search of life and freedom, and that search has led me down many broken and dusty trails, but it has also brought me to the end of the rainbow. The pot of gold is love, with all of its energy bursting with life. I am a man in his sixties, but for the most part I enjoy hanging around with younger people. Many of the people I know who are my own age are burned out on life and look as if they should be ushered into an old folks' home. Of course, there are exceptions, because I do know people who are in their eighties and still going strong. They are young in spirit but find themselves trapped in old worn-out bodies, and they look forward to getting new ones.

Bondage of Religion

Even though my relationship with the Lord is the most important thing in my life, there are times when I hesitate to say I'm a Christian. A great deal of what has been defined as Christianity in this culture has absolutely nothing to do with being a Christian, and I'm embarrassed to be associated with it. I'm talking about religion. I hate religion, and all religions are basically the same. I don't care if it's the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, or Christian religion, in the end they lead to death. Jesus was born at a point in history when religion was at a fever pitch, much as it is in today's environment. It was the religious people of Jesus's day who had him crucified. Nothing has changed. Religion has been and always will be the enemy of God and life. . The reason I wrote this book is because literally millions of Christians are trapped in the bondage of religion. There are millions of people who do not know what it truly means to live and know the joy and the freedom that are ours in Christ. Jesus promised that the reason he came was so that we could have life and have it abundantly. I know for a fact that what he said is true, and this is why I wrote the book.

Who it's Written For

Knowing His Love and Life

Who should read this book? Obviously, not everyone should read every book that is written. I personally have found that some of the most popular books end up doing nothing for me. I hate to waste my time and money on anything not beneficial. I think the person who would benefit most from reading this book would be a Christian or someone thinking of becoming a Christian who has never experienced the freedom and joy of intimately knowing the love of God. If you cannot talk to God about your darkest secrets, or you are trapped in guilt from your past, coupled with fear about your future, this book is for you. What qualifies me to write this book? The answer to that question is actually painful to me, because as a writer, I would like to take credit for this work. The truth is, the Holy Spirit inspired this book, and I was merely His instrument. If you are seeking to really know the God who loves you ask the Lord to open this book to you. You will then know with certainty that what I am saying is true.

Excerpt from Chapter 8

For so many years, I held God responsible for the countless injustices I saw in the world. If God is God, I reasoned, how could he allow all of the pain and suffering in this world? In my mind, God had a lot to answer for. I cannot count the number of times I battled with God over everything bad in this world.


Then, without any cause or purpose on my part, I was ushered into the presence of God. At the time that this occurrence took place in my life, I knew very little about the loving God. I was suddenly surrounded with inexpressible light and love. Words cannot begin to describe the Glory that surrounded me. The magnitude and intensity of the Glory of this love was unfathomable. It was not so much what I saw-because human eyes really have no ability to experience what my spirit saw-but what I felt. I experienced an infusion of unimaginable joy and jubilation. It was a vision of radiant beauty, magnificent splendor, surpassing all measure or comprehension. All I can do is babble about what I experienced and felt.


The world we're in knows nothing of God's Glory. The best of this world-and I'm talking about the best that money can buy-looks like a burned-out junkyard in comparison to what I witnessed. As for me, I have been forever silenced when it comes to questioning the goodness of God. Once you have been in the presence of God, you will never again question his loving kindness.


I shared this experience with a number of people. I did so simply to demonstrate something I learned about the character and goodness of God. I received different reactions. Most people considered this experience to be extraordinary and felt that it would never happen to them. It was considered to be in the realm of the exceptional. I have also found that most people feel the same way when I start talking about having an intimate, personal conversation with God. Many have never actually had a real-time, running conversation with the Living God, as Peter did. Yet if Christianity is to truly be a relationship with the Living God, those conversations will be what it is all about.


I have found that a lot of people today feel as if "that kind of a relationship with God" is just something they cannot have. I have also learned that the reason for this is very much like the reason we have trouble knowing just how much God truly loves us. The reason is that we spend most of our time looking at ourselves, instead of toward God. When we do that, we always see someone who seems "unworthy" of that kind of love. We look at our lives and who we are and the things we do, and we think that God's love for us is based on that kind of stuff. It isn't! God's love for us is based on who he is, not on who we are. The thought that people today can't have that same kind of open, intimate, communicative relationship with God is a lie that Satan has sold to them. And he has used their fears, guilt, and sense of unworthiness to make them believe it. Those conversations must be the bedrock of your personal relationship with God.

Book Summary


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  • "Clearest presentation of the gospel I have ever read."

    R.M., Texas
  • "I will read this book over and over again. It's like watching a great movie that is timeless."

    R.C., MI
  • "Randy squarely faces the questions that many of us feel but don't want to look at."

    D.L., Traverse City
  • "This Book is inspired by the Holy Spirit."

    J.M., Dallas
  • "Randy goes right to the core of the problem. We all live under the shadow of death."

    M.T.R., Parchment, MI


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